Please be aware: A Total Cricket Scorer licence is non-transferable.  The activation key will only work with the PC identified by the registration id.  If you wish to create and score matches or use live scores on more than one PC then you must purchase additional licences. 

For further information please contact: support@totalcricketscorer.com

For iPhone applications use the Apple App store or our iPhone/iPad page.
Please ensure your email accepts support@totalcricketscorer.com
Total Cricket Scorer 8.0   £44.99
Total Cricket Scorer 8.0 (Upgrade from v7)   £9.99
Total Cricket Scorer 8.0 (Upgrade from v6)   £19.99
Total Cricket Scorer is the leading software scoring product in the world today. With one click, scorebooks, scoreboards and live web pages can all be updated. There is more information on our home page.

Users who have previously purchased TCS v7 or v6 can just pay the appropriate upgrade price to get the latest updates. There are more details on our what's new page.

The software is available via download.

Total Cricket Scorer (Live Scores)   £11.99
Total Cricket Scorer (Live Scores No Adverts)   £14.99
Total Cricket Scorer allows scorers to automatically upload matches to the web for a selected club (This is an annual licence and for additional clubs and PCs, extra licences are required).

This allows anyone to see the latest scores from the current season as the match takes place. This includes all the graphs for the game. It also allows use of our widgets on your website, your league website and your Play-Cricket page. You can see the latest scores on our live score pages.

Our widgets can display adverts. To have widgets without adverts you would require the relevant live score licence.

Total Cricket Scorer Lite 8.0   £19.99
Total Cricket Scorer Lite 8.0 (Upgrade)   £4.99
Total Cricket Scorer Lite gives you all the same features of Total Cricket Scorer with the only limitation of not actively scoring a game. This is an ideal companion for the full version when wanting to use a separate machine for viewing statistics and printing reports. It also allows the user to upload matches and prepare games prior to being scored on a fully licenced machine.

Users who have previously purchased TCS Lite v7 can pay just the upgrade price to get the latest updates.

The software is available via download.

Total Cricket Scorer (Additional Support)   £50.00
If you want some support on Total Cricket Scorer which not just a bug and is more than a simple question then this can be purchased here. The purchase covers the support on one reasonable* request. If the issue raised is found to be a bug with TCS then this fee may be refunded.

* Reasonable is defined as any issue which takes up to one hour of TCS staff time.

To purchase keys to run scoreboards or purchase a league page please contact: support@totalcricketscorer.com

The latest league scores are available on our league pages.

support@totalcricketscorer.com if posting
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